Gilles Daigle


Dr. Gilles Daigle has been working in the acoustics field for over 35 years, starting with his post-graduate studies at the National Research Council in Ottawa, Canada. Through a career filled with key research contributions, he has achieved a position of scientific leadership. He is widely regarded as one of the top authorities worldwide in the field of atmospheric acoustics. He has systematically studied the many interacting mechanisms that affect how sound travels through the air (e.g., ground impedance, turbulence, refraction, interference, noise barriers, ground topology, absorption) -- this knowledge is critical for the design of roadside noise barriers, for the prediction of noise contours for airport use, and for acoustical detection in military applications. The key scientific workshop in this area is the Long Range Sound Propagation series of symposia. Dr. Daigle was a member of the steering committee for this series and, in 1994, was the general chair of the symposium when it was held in Ottawa. He has been the Canadian representative to the NATO research study group for long-range acoustical detection (AC/243 Panel 3 RSG.11). In 1987, he was called upon by the Federal Environmental Assessment Review Office (FEARO) to be the technical expert for a panel on military flying activities in Labrador and Quebec).

In 1997, in response to a shift in Institute focus, Dr. Daigle undertook a new research direction to address the acoustical needs of industry in telecommunication and multimedia. He has taken the lead for the experimental component of research projects on diffraction, arrays of microphones, hearing aid technology, and surface waves.

His abilities were recognized early by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and, in 1988, he was awarded their annual R. Bruce Lindsay Award for a young scientist. Subsequently he was honoured by being named a Fellow of the ASA. He is also a Distinguished Corresponding Member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering. The National Research Council recognized his contributions in 1994, awarding him the Prix d'excellence. In 2002, Dr. Daigle received the Médaille Etrangère 2002 (Silver Medal) from the Société Française d'Acoustique -- an incredible honour that places him with the top acousticians of the world. And in 2005, he received the ASA Helmholtz-Rayleigh Silver Medal.

Dr. Daigle has served at the highest level in every major acoustical organization. For the International Commission on Acoustics (ICA), he was a Member (1993 - 1998), its Secretary-General (1998 - 2001), and its President (2001 - 2004). Dr. Daigle is currently the Past-President of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering, having served as its President (2010 - 2013). His main scientific "home" has been the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). He has served this society as its President (2007 - 2008), its Vice-President (1999 - 2002), a member of Executive Council (1992 - 1995), an Associate Editor for its journal (JASA, 1993 - 1997), and chair of its Technical Committee for Physical Acoustics (1987 - 1990), as well as serving on numerous other committees. In 1993, he was the General Chair for the spring meeting of the ASA when it was held in Ottawa, Canada. Nearly 800 technical papers were presented at this meeting and approximately 1200 people attended.

Dr. Daigle has been an adjunct professor at Université de Sherbrooke since 1983. Through this role, he has co-supervised 9 graduate students. He has worked with several co-op and WES students in the Acoustics & Signal Processing group. He has worked with local organizations to train staff in the use of noise meters, including Ottawa Police (1985 - 1994), Gloucester Police (1988 - 1994), Ville de Gatineau (1988 - 1994), Police de Gatineau (1990 - 1994), and City of Gloucester (1991 - 1994). He served a noise bylaw review working committee for the City of Ottawa in 1990.

Of special note, Gilles was a driving force behind the 21st ICA meeting held June 2013 in Montréal.

Following his retirement from the NRC in June 2009, Dr. Daigle was honoured with the appointment as Researcher Emeritus with the NRC Institute of Microstructural Sciences.